My Information Technology degree from UOP has opened many wonderful doors and brought me in touch with amazing people. My IT education and experience began in the US Navy and a full listing can be found on the LinkedIn icon.

You can either have one guy lifting a billion pounds by himself, and it takes many years of planning and preparation - or you can have a billion people, each lifting one pound, and it takes a mere moment. This is the power of unity...Jacque Fresco, 100 year old futurist

I believe that many can partner to create peace and prosperity for everyone and thankfully many are doing this now.
If you wish to join me as I do the same, please fill out the information below. Thank you!

I am (and have been) many things. I’m a father, a Godfather, a US Naval Veteran, peacemaker, empowerment coach, Latin dancer, promoter, speaker & concerned global citizen.

Hi! My name is
HOMETOWNS: NYC & Puerto Rico
DEGREE: BSIT (Bachelors Information Technology) from UOP (University of Phoenix)

LANGUAGES: Fluent in English and Spanish, and can say at least thank you in: French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Thai, Japanese, Chinese Mandarin, Russian, Hebrew, Arabic and more.

January 2007 - Present

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Nico Damian Guzman


I honed my serious focus at Harvard University's Extension School and took away enough information to use for a lifetime. For a detailed look at my education and experience click on the LinkedIn icon.

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Concerned Global Citizen
  • I continue to help make this world safer and cleaner through various strategic partnerships. I have helped homeless Veterans, I have helped at-risk youth, orphans, the hungry, I continue to help combat sex trafficking and more. ​For a detailed list of my experience click on the LinkedIn icon below. 

I am a Newyorican Puerto Rican who was born in NYC but raised between NYC, Key West, Florida and Puerto Rico. And in my years I have witnessed events which many would consider miracles. In 2013 I was a volunteer at a peacemaking event where two enemies became friends again after 4 years of fighting.
Could your region benefit from a similar event?

My core purpose continues to be to help make this planet safer, cleaner and better in various ways. Either through peacemaking events, online coaching or more. For details please reach out. Thank you for visiting!